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Brachiopoda (Lamp shells)
uit het Cretaceous Upper Cretaceous Maastrichtian
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"Rhynchora" konincki Bosquet, 1854
Agyrotheca cf. faujasi Bosquet, 1859
Ancistocrania cf. comosa Bosquet, 1854
Ancistocrania cf. muelleri (Bosquet, 1859)
Carneithyris carnea Sowerby, 1812
Carneithyris Carneithyris subcardinalis Sahni, 1925
Carneithyris subcardinalis (Sahni,1925)
Cyranoia bosqueti Simon, 2004
Danocrania hagenowi (Davidson, 1853)
Isocrania sendeni Simon, 2007
Isocrania sp.
Neoliothyrina obesa (Sowerby, 1825)
Parathecidea hieroglyphica (Goldfuss, 1840)
Terebratulina chrysalis von Schlotheim, 1813
Thecidea papillata (v. Schlotheim, 1813)
Thecidiopsis digitata (SOWERBY, 1823)
Thecidiopsis (?Parathecidea) suessi (Bosquet, 1859)
Trigonosemus pectiniformis Von Schlotheim, 1813

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