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Update: April, 2019
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News articles from the media

19 April 2019 by Smaug
Ohio University: Fossils found in Kenyan museum drawer belong to gigantic carnivore

14 April 2019 by Smaug
Cell: Multiple Deeply Divergent Denisovan Ancestries in Papuans

11 April 2019 by Smaug
IO9/Gizmodo: Unknown Species of Tiny Ancient Human Discovered in Philippine Cave

11 April 2019 by Smaug
University of Southampton: Archaeologists identify first prehistoric figurative cave art in Balkans

10 April 2019 by Smaug
Museum of Natural History: Tentacled ‘Cthulhu’ fossil reconstruction reveals monstrous relative of modern sea cucumbers

9 April 2019 by Smaug
UT News: Evolution Imposes “Speed Limit” on Recovery after Mass Extinctions

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  • April, 2019 Added new fossil localities in Kazakhstan: Sor Tuzbair and Nogayty

  • April 6th, 2019 Added new fossil locality in the USA: MD Bowie.

  • February 18th, 2019 Added new fossil locality in the USA: SC Harleyville.

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