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Apatite yellow middle in box
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Update: June 6th, 2019
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News articles from the media

14 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
Science: Middle Stone Age foragers resided in high elevations of the glaciated Bale Mountains, Ethiopia.

10 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
Flinders University News: Meet ‘Hercules’, a parrot of child-size proportions.

10 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
UA News: Ancient Plankton Help Researchers Predict Near-Future Climate.

10 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
GW Today: Changes in Human Diet Shed Light on Human Evolution.

10 Augustus 2019 by Smaug
Folio: Sex appeal helped dinosaurs take flight.

29 Juli 2019 by Smaug
Duke today: World's smallest fossil monkey found in Amazon jungle.

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