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Come to our PaleoTime-BE International Fossil Show in Wijgmaal (BE), on November 11 2018!

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Update: May 8th, 2018
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News articles from the media

8 Augustus 2017 by andersschinkel
sciencedaily: 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains found in the Balkans

7 Juni 2017 by FossilDude
National Geographic: Here’s What It Would Feel Like to Pet a T. Rex

8 December 2016 by FossilDude
National Geographic: First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

30 Mei 2016 by Smaug
The Siberian Times: The smoking gun 'proving ancient man killed woolly mammoth 45,000 years ago'

26 Oktober 2015 by Smaug
Siberian Times: Meet this extinct cave lion, at least 10,000 years old

10 September 2015 by Smaug
National Geographic: This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?

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Latest updates

  • May 8th, 2018 Added the (now closed) fossil locality Nederokkerzeel (Belgium).

  • April 4th 2018 Ante de Baas is joining Team Paleontica!

  • February 11th, 2018 Added new fossil locality in France: Bidart.

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Geo Agenda

  • Oktober 26, The Munich Show, München (DE) 26/10/2018 - 28/10/2018. WEBSITE...
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  • March 9, PaleoTime-NL International Fossil Show in Ede (NL)

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