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Trilobita (Trilobites)
uit het Ordovician
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Asaphellus desideratus Barrande 1872
Cyclopyge bohemica umbonata Marek 1961
Dindymene plasi Kielan 1960
Ectillaenus advena Barrande 1872
Ectillaenus benignensis Novak in Perner, 1918
Ectillaenus katzeri Barrande 1872
Ectillaenus sarkaenis Novak in Perner, 1918
Flexicalymene ouzregui (Destombes, 1966)
Neoasaphus cf. jewensis (Schmidt, 1901)
Ogygiocaris dilatata (Brunnich, 1781)
Ormathops atava Barrande 1872
Ormathops novaki Kloucek 1916
Pateraspis pater Barrande 1872
Plasiaspis bohemica Barrande 1872
Pliomerops senilis Barrande 1872
Pricyclopyge binodosa binodosa Salter 1859
Pricyclopyge binodosa longicephala Kloucek 1916
Prionocheilus vokovicensis Snajder 1956
Selenopeltis buchi macrophthalma Kloucek 1916
Trinucleus reussi Barrande 1872

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