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  Natural History Museum de Oersprong
  Waardenburg, The Netherlands

See also Museum website: https://www.museumdeoersprong.nl

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The Natural History Museum “de Oersprong” is a small, unique museum, located at the Waalbandijk 12 in the town of Waardenburg.

Throughout millions or years, our planet experiences volcanic eruptions, tsunami's and the formations of mountains. The results of all these processes can be admired in the show cases of the museum. All of it is neatly organized following the geological timescale. After entering the museum, you find yourself traveling back in time. You do not immediately expect something like this in a place like this. However this museum has an eldorado of earthly treasures. Appearently, some of the guests return serveral times per year, often to show their own finds. 

The musuem is situated in an old monumental building, from the year 1872, with all historic featues retained. Next to the museum are the castle of Waardenburg and the old mill, both also beautiful momuments.

The collection of the museum consists of minerals, rocks and many fossils. Impressive fossils from the Ice Age (amongs others mammoth and whooly rhino) and from the Cretaceous (Brasilian fishes from Araripe) are part of the permanent collection. Apart from this, the museum also has a yearly changing show collection.The museum is proud that it has a broad collection, with fossils from every single geological period, with stromatolites from the Precambrian (3 billion years old) up to objects from the Holoceen (the modern era). Education is in important aspect of the foundation that governs the museum. 

The musum is open from the first Sunday in April, untill the end of October, on each Saterday and Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. However, when you make an appointment, the museum will also open its doors on other days. There are guided tours through the museum possible. 

The adres of the museum is: Waalbandijk 12 4181 AN Waardenburg

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