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  Jeita Grotto

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Added in: january 2014
Last Modified in: january 2014

Geology site description:

Jeita Grotto is according to some, one of the most beautiful caves in the world and it is the largest cave system in the Middle East. There are over 6 kilometers of passages discovered. Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in many forms can be seen in several major halls in the cave. Some stalactites have a red color due to the presence of iron. The underground Jeita river flows through the cave. Excavations on this site are also found flint tools from the Paleolithic.

The cave was formed by dissolution of limestone and dolomite deposits of Keserouane Formation from the Jurassic period. Because of karst processes took place mainly in the Neogene, the cave was formed. The presence of impenetrable volcanic deposits in the valley,  the Jeita river is forced to the surface here and forms the Nahr al-Kalb river.

The cave is pretty touristic. On foot and by boat part of the cave can be visited. To visit the cave, see the Website.

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The Jeita Grotto is situated in the west of Lebanon, about 10 kilometers northeast of Beirut.

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