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  WY Yellowstone

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Added in: december 2012
Last Modified in: december 2012

Geology site description:

Under the Yellowstone Park is a large volcanic complex that is known to erupt on average every 600,000 years. This super volcano has the potential to have very large eruptions and even to disrupt the Earth's climate. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago. The cause of a volcano in this place lies in the Earth's mantle. From the mantle a socalled a mantle plume rises toward the Earth's crust and caused this hotspot. Yellowstone Park is a huge caldera of 70 by 45 kilometers which was formed during the last major eruption.

In the park is also the famous
Old Faithful geyser to see. Boiling water sprays in the air at intervals of not more than an hour to more than 50 meters high. The park contains over 300 geysers, and thousands geothermal areas.

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Yellowstone National Park is located for the most part in the northwest of the state of Wyoming.

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