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Added in: april 2006
Last Modified in: october 2011

Geology site description:

The Greek island of Lesbos is known for its fossil wood near Sigri on the western part of the island. The remains of a subtropical forest from the Miocene period has been preserved very well.

The trees have been preserved because of the high volcanic activity in the area around 15 to 20 milion years ago in the Miocene (part of the Neogene period). Complete trees have been preserved in the pyroclastic deposits. Seeds and leaves have also been found. The biggest log has a circumfence of more than 8 metres!

Since 1985 the fossil wood is a national naturemonument. Collecting fossils is strictly forbidden! In Greece fossil collecting is not allowed by law.

In 1994 a museum was opened where you can see lots of fossils from the area. This is very worthwhile. In the neighbouring Geopark you can see the excavated fossil wood.

Petrified wood from Lesbos, collected before there was a ban on fossil hunting on the island.
Added by: Georockshop on 27-01-2017

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The island of Lesbos is located in the east of Greece, close to the Turkish coast. Sigri is located at the far west of the island. The fossil wood can be seen near Sigri in direction Antissa and Eressos.

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Museum: Natural Histrory Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

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