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june 2016
Last Modified:
june 2016

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Location description

A location with many finds of silicified and fossilized wood and fossil leaves of Miocene age.

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In the western Karpathy, near the Hungarian border. South of city Lučenec.

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Acer tricuspidatum (Plantae); Calamus noszkyi (Plantae); Cassia berenices (Plantae); Berchemia sp. (Plantae); Betula sp. (Plantae); Celastrus pyrrhae (Plantae); Dalbergia nostratum (Plantae); Daphnogene polymorpha (Plantae); Engelhardia orsbergensis (Plantae); Laurophyllum sp. div. (Plantae); Laurus sp. (Plantae); Litsea ipolytarnocensis (Plantae); Magnolia mirabilis (Plantae); Magnolia kristinae (Plantae); Magnolia dianae (Plantae); Platanus neptuni (Plantae); Pungiphyllum cruciatum (Plantae); Podocarpium sp. (Plantae); Sabal lamanonis (Plantae).

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Literature recommended by members

  • Jana Kučerová, 2009: Miocénna flóra z lokalít Kalonda a Mučín
    Acta Geologica Slovaca 1 (1), 65-70
    Added by FossilDude

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Other locations in the area

Fossil location: Ipolytarnoc Fossils Nature Conservation Area


Thanks to Matej Sedlár

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