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Location description

North of the picturesque village Kazimierz Dolny is the village of Nasilów, situated on the western bank of the river Vistula (Wisla). South of Nasilów there is an abandoned limestone quarry, where material was excavated for the reinforcements of the riverbank. 

In this quarry, fossil rich limestones and siliceous limestones (opoka) from the Maastrichtian and Danian are exposed. The top of the Maastrichtian is rerpresented by a hardground, especially rich in fossils, amongst others the belemnite Belemnitella kazimiroviensis.

In the quarry, the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary is represented by a hiatus. The lowermost Danian consists of a soft, 30 cm thick layer with a light brownish colour, which is rich in glauconite and phosphate nodules. This layer comprises abundant reworked fossils, such as shark teeht and phosphatized sponges.

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The Nasilów quarry can be easily accessed by driving South from the village, on the western side of the river. At the end of the road, after the last houses, the quarry can be reached via an unpaved road in the direction of the river. 

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The Nasilów quarry is exeptionally rich in fossils. In this quarry fossils have been found of foraminifera, sponges, corals, bryozoans, echinoids, seastars, brittle stars, crinoids, scaphopods, gastropods, bivalves, ammonites, belemnites, nautiloids, fish, reptiles and land plants

Of specific interest are the gastropod Volutispina kasimiri, that can reach sizes of up to 30 cm, and the ammonite Hoploscaphites constrictus that is amongst the latest Creteceous ammonites.

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Literature recommended by members

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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude

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