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november 2013
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november 2013

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Location description

The 'Mansfelder Land' used to be the largest copper mining area in Europe. The region is dotted with copper mines and associated waste tips. This material comes from underground mining operations. The "Schachthalde Hohe Linde" near Sangerhausen is with a height of about 150 meters one of the most prominent. The debris holds thin lines of copper ore, but also fossil fish scalen and sometimes complete fish. The age is upper Permian - Kupferschiefer (a subsection of the Zechstein; Lopingium - Wuchiaping-stufe). Because we visited the mine as part of a guided tour, we're not sure a permit can be granted for fossil hunting. Inform at the VVV. Last visit: 2003, but the Halde will not go anywhere. Nearby, in Wettelrode there is a Bergbaumuseum.

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Waste tip copper mine Sangerhausen, situation april 2003
Added by: Gerard Willemen on 11-11-2013

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Sangerhausen is located at the A38 between Nordhausen and Halle, about 60 km north of Erfurt, but the Halde is more easily reached through the village Lengefeld. At the Lengefeld curch, take the Hirtengasse. Follow this road until you reach a crossroads after about 1 km. Keep to the left and drive another 400 m till the next crossroads. The road might be ungraded here. Take left at the crossroads and continue until you reach the Halde.

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Plant remains, fish scales, complete fish and copper ore.

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