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  Schleswig Holstein

may 2003
Last Modified:
august 2004

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Location description

At the Baltic coast of Schleswig Holstein you can find many fossils. The fossils were transported here by the glaciers in several ice-ages. As a result of the constant erosion, new material comes to the surface continuously.

In Schleswig Holstein many sand and pebble quarries are located. These quarries can be worthwile to visit. Always ask for permission first!

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The beach at Katharinenhof.
Added by: webmaster on 22-03-2012

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Between the gravel on the beach you can find various fossils on the beaches in Sleswig Holstein. Most fossils are very small. You can find various fossils including sea urchins, belemnites small sponges from the Cretaceous period. You can also find corals and brachiopods from the Ordovician period. Dark flat stones from the Cambrian period can contain trilobite parts. Here some good collecting sites:

  • Katharinenhof Located at the eastern side of the Fehmarn island, near Vitzdorf. From Oldenburg in Holstein, follow the A1 and road 207. On the Fehmarn island, go right at Burg in direction Katharinenhof. From the village, go in direction of the coast.
  • Gahlendorf Located close to Katharinenhof.
  • Staberhuk Cape in the southeastern part of Fehmarn.
  • Kraksdorf Located at the mainland coast. Take the last exit before the bridge to Fehmarn island on the Hamburg - Puttgarden road. From Krakdorf go in direction of the beach.
  • Brodtenener Ufer North of Travemünde, north of Lübeck.
  • Dänisch Niendorf At the coast about 20 kilometers noerth of Kiel.
  • Heiligenhafen From Heiligenhafen go in direction Johannistal and Dazendorf. Before you leave te town go to the right. You will see the coastal cliff.
  • Grömitz Located northeast of Neustadt. Follow the signs for "jachthafen". Close to the harbour you will find the coastal cliff.
  • Brodau Located about 5 kilometers northeast of Neustad. Folow the road in direction Grömitz. After that follow Bodau when you see the signs. Near the camping is a parking frow where you can walk to the beach.
  • Ostseebad Boltenhagen At the coast near Klütz, 50 kilometers northeast of Lübeck. The cliff is located northeast of Klütz.
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Various fossils from the Cretaceous, Silurian and Ordovician periods.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Andrea Rohde, 2010: Fossilien sammeln an der Ostseekuste
    Handzaam boekje met veel foto's en beschrijvingen van vindplaatsmogelijkheden van fossielen langs de Oostzee kust.
    Added by wimenkids
  • Kurt Hucke, 1967: Einfuhrung in die Geschiebeforschung
    Een mooi boek over 'zwerfsteenkunde' dat bijna voor de helft uit foto's bestaat. het behandeld alle geologische periodes.
    Added by webmaster

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