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may 2009
Last Modified:
may 2019

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This location is closed or not accessible anymore !!!

Location description

Near the town of Harmignies, there is a large limestone quarry of the CBR company. In these chalks, typical fossils from the chalk facies can be found, such as belemnites, bivavles and brachiopods

In this quarry, Upper Campanian chalks of the Mons Basin are accessible. In the basalmost part of the quarry, the top of the Craie de Trivieres is exposed, capped by a prominant hardground. The hardground is followed by the Craie d'Obourg and the Craie de Nouvelles, which are all from the lower part of the Upper Campanian. At the top of the Craie de Nouvelles, there is a second prominant hardgrand, above which the basal 10-12m of the Craie de Spiennes is exposed, which consitutes the upper part of the Upper Campanian.

The quarry is not free accessible. At the Rue de Villers road sometimes there is an accessible mount of rocks. Sometimes the quarry gives permission for groups up to 8 persons after a written application.


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Added by: MTC COCOON WIM on 16-06-2015

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Harmignies is located southeast of Mons. The address of the quarry is Rue Blancart 1.

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Sea urchins, brachiopods and belemnites.


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Literature recommended by members

  • Robaszynski, F., & Christensen, W,K., 1989: The upper Campanian-Lower Maastrichtian chalks of the Mons basin, Belgium: a preliminary study of belemnites and foraminifera in the Harmignies and Ciply areas
    Geologie en Mijnbouw 68: 391-408.
    Added by FossilDude

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