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  Bodjong Fm

may 2006
Last Modified:
february 2008

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Location description

In the west of the Indonesian island of Java, the Bodjong formation is exposed in many places. This formation is known for its rich marine gastropod fauna from the Pliocene (part of the Neogene period). The gastropods from this formation is used for the biostratigraphy in the whole of south Asia. The formation consists of limestone and marls.

On various other places in West Java fossil wood is found. These fossil wood does not come from the Bodjong formation, and probably is much older.

There are reports of logs up to 11 metres long! Logs of several metres and a weight of several tons are quite common. To heavy to take with you...

Taking your finds maybe a problem. Please ask information at the customs before you take any fossils!

The Gelders Geologisch museum in Velp (Netherlands)shows several large logs from West Java. There probably arrived in the Netherlands as weights in ships.

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The formation is exposed near Bodjong in the west of the Indonesian island Java. These is also another site where this formation is exposed, about 20 kilometres from the sea near Pelabuhan Ratu at the Java southcoast. This site is a steep bend in the river, about 1 kilometre upstream from the bridge on the road to Pelabuhan Ratu.

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The finds are mainly gastropods (99% Turritella). Also Conus and some large Strombus. You can also find microfossils like foraminifers in the sediment. Sometimes crabs are found.

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Thanks to Han Sasbrink for sending this description.

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