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august 2005
Last Modified:
november 2007

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Location description

In Sweden almost all sediments from the Ordovician and Silurian have been eroded away. In the Siljan area in middle Sweden these sediments have been preserved. This is because of a meteorite impact 360 milion years ago. The sediments ended up deeper in the earths crust and were more protected against erosion.

The Siljanlake was formed by this impact. The lake is located at the southrim of the crater of 45 kilometre in diameter. As a result of the impact, some layers at the edge of the crater now have a vertical position. The sediment from the upper Ordovician period are extremely rich in fossils.

More information about the Siljan area and its geologic history, you can find at the Rättviks Museum in the cultural centre of Rättvik.

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The Siljan area is located in the middle of Sweden, about 200 kilometres northwest of Stockholm. In the area there are several collecting sites. Unfortunately not all with a detailed description and directions.

  • Osmundsberget quarry Active quarry. Trilobites (i.e. Illaenus sp.), bryozoa
  • Amtjärnsbrottet quarry North of Nittsjö, about 8 km north of Rättvik. Small sign direct you to the quarry. The abanmdoned quarry is located in the middle of a forest. At the entrance of the quarry and at the eastside you can see vertical layers of shale. In the shales you can find graptolites and the small trilobite Tretaspis sp.. At the southend of the quarry you can see vertical layers of limestone (Kullbergslimestone). Here you can find crinoids (many), cystoids, brachiopods and bryozoa.
  • Ostbjörka ravine
  • Solberga-Västanå quarry Collecting fossils in the debris slopes.
  • Kallholn quarry
  • Jutjärn quarry Trilobites (Proetus sp., Harpes costatus and Bronteus laticauda)
  • Dalhalla
    In this abandoned quarry an open air theatre has been build. Spectacular, but no fossils...
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Graptolites, trilobites (i.e. Illaenus, Tretaspis, Proetus sp., Harpes costatus, Bronteus laticauda), crinoids, cystoids, brachiopods and bryozoa.

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Other locations in the area

Museum: Geologiska Museet
Museum: Rättviks Naturmuseum


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