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august 2005
Last Modified:
august 2005

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Location description

In the outskirts of the city of Czestochowa there are three clay quarries where clay and shales from the Bathonian is exposed. In the clay there are concretions which contain ammonites. You have to split the concretions using a hammer. Some concretions contain septarians (nice for mineral collectors). In the quarries the concretions are sieved from the clay and not used anymore.

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Czestochowa is a large city in the south of Poland. The clayquarries are located within the city, at the rigth side of the road to Opole. The first quarry is the Anna quarry, after that the Gnaszyn and Kawodrza quarries close to eachother. Always first ask for permission before entering the quarries!

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Ammonites (i.e. Parkinsonia sp., Persphinctes sp. and Oppelia sp.)

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