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october 2003
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october 2003

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Location description

In a natural park northwest of Ajdovscina in Slovenia fossil reefs from the Jurassic period are exposed. In these reefs you can find fossils of reef organisms.

This reef from the Jurassic period was about 25 kilometres wide and several hundreds of kilometres long.

There is a small museum with fossils from southwest Slovenia: Goriski museum with the collection of Stanislav Bacar near the town of Ajdovskina (coordinates N45 53 11.9 E13 54 26.60).

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Collecting fossils at the location. © Photo: J. Leloux.
Added by: admin on 21-06-2011

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The natural park is located northwest of Ajdovscina in Slovenia (Direction Italians border). Coordinates of the area: N 45 57 E 13 48.

In the woods about 15 kilometres east of the city Gorizia, the large natural park is located in the mountains. At several places you can find many fossil corals, stromatopora and other reef organisms. At some places you can find the fossils in the woods where they used the rock to build the paths.

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Mainly corals, stromatopora and other reef organisms in the limestone from the Jurassic period.

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Thanks to J. Leloux for sending this description.

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