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june 2003
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august 2005

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Location description

The Kinnekulle is a kind of table 'mountain' which bulge from the surrounding. A persistent volcanic diabase layer slowed the erosion by the glaciers in the ice-ages. In many parts of Sweden the underlying Ordovician sediments are totally eroded.

In the area there are several quarries where you can find upper Cambrian and Ordovician orthoceras limestone. There are limestone quarries at Hällekis and Österplana, and an alaun shale quarry near Råbäck.

You can buy topographical maps in the area. Between Medelplana and Västerplana there is a fossil museum with local finds. The museum is not very interesting though.

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Geological section of the Kinnekulle hill.
Added by: webmaster on 16-03-2012

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The Kinnekulle is located in the middle of southern Sweden at the Vänern lake.

  • 1 Kakeled In Kakeled (south west Kinnekulle) there is an old quarry where you can find upper Cambrian fossils like trilobites.
  • 2 Hällekis Large old quarry about 3 kilometres south west of Hällekis. Here are red and grey orthoceras limestone from the Ordovician. There is no problem getting in the quarry with your car. You can find many orthoceras and trilobites.
  • 3 Österplana About 12 kilometres south east of Hällekis. Large pieces of stone are cut here. You can look for fossils in the leftovers. You must ask permission at CEMENTA in Skövde/Billingen. This quarry is similar to the quarry in Hällekis, but here you also find cystoidea.
  • 4 Råbäck This old quarry is located near Trolmen, about 12 kilometres south west of Hällekis. It is on the right side at the road from Råbäck to Trolmen. In the old quarry you can find trilobites in the alaun shale from the upper Cambrian period.
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Many species of trilobites, orthoceras and cystoidea.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Frank Rudolph, Wolfgang Bilz, Dirk Pittermann, 2010: Fossilien an Nord- und Ostsee
    Gids over fossielen uit de Noord- en Baltische Zee. Boek in het Duits.
    Added by Trilobite

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Other locations in the area

Fossil location: Skövde oude groeve
Society: Skaraborgs Geologiska Sällskap: Falkängens hantverksby


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