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Update: December 10, 2014
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News articles from the media

3 December 2014 by Smaug
Nature: Homo erectus made world's oldest doodle 500,000 years ago

29 Augustus 2014 by Smaug
Heritage Daily: Jurassic Welsh mammals were picky eaters, study finds

29 Augustus 2014 by Smaug
ScienceDaily: Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land

29 Augustus 2014 by Smaug
ScienceDaily: Animals first flex their muscles: Earliest fossil evidence for animals with muscles

29 Augustus 2014 by Smaug
ScienceDaily: Taung Child's brain development not human-like? CT scan casts doubt on similarity to that of modern humans

29 Augustus 2014 by Smaug
ScienceDaily: Fossil arthropod went on the hunt for its prey

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