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  Werkgroep Fossielen Twente
  Enschede, The Netherlands

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The Working Group meets monthly Fossils Twente in Enschede TwentseWelle culture museum. The evenings are for and by the members of which each member is expected to actively contribute regularly.

The purpose of the Working Group Fossils Twente acquiring and advancing knowledge in the field of paleontology and geology.
The mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences play a primary role. It is therefore spent much time discussing findings, sites, determinations, preparation techniques, etc.

We offer under the umbrella of the museum association "Friends of TwentseWelle" a platform for active regional fossil collector.

Other locations in the area
Fossil location: Alstätte
Fossil location: Coesfeld
Fossil location: Gildehaus
Fossil location: Holtwick
Fossil location: Legden
Fossil location: Markelo
Fossil location: Miste
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen (Haddorf)
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen (St. Arnold)
Fossil location: Rossum (oude klei groeve / old clay quarry)
Fossil location: Twente (Bruinehaar)
Fossil location: Twente (Kloosterhaar)
Fossil location: Twente (Sibculo)
Fossil location: Twente (Westerhaar)
Fossil location: Wilsum
Fossil location: Winterswijk
Fossil location: Wüllen
Geology location: Losser (Staringgroeve)
Mineral location: Winterswijk
Museum: Kristal Museum
Museum: Natura Docet
Museum: Twentse Welle
Society: GEA Kring Twente: T Lansink