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  Westfälisches Museum für Naturkunde
  Münster, Germany

See also Museum website: http://www.lwl.org/LWL/Kultur/WMfN

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A nice recommendation if the weather is really too bad to find fossils. There are many fossils from Westphalia to see. Among other things to see are the real dinosaurir finds from the Sauerland. Neanderthals, insects from the Carboniferous, and much more beautiful items to be jealous about. In the permanent exhibitions skeletons (replicas) of a Tyrannosaurus, Camarasaurus, Iguanodon (from Germany!), Stegosaurus, etc. are on display. The museum is next to the zoo, so after the dead animals you can still admire the living (Allwetterzoo).

Other locations in the area
Fossil location: Beckum
Fossil location: Bramsche (center)
Fossil location: Coesfeld
Fossil location: Ennigerloh
Fossil location: Holtwick
Fossil location: Ibbenbüren
Fossil location: Legden
Fossil location: Lengerich
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen (Haddorf)
Fossil location: Neuenkirchen (St. Arnold)
Fossil location: Piesberg Osnabrück
Fossil location: Rheine (Breckweg)
Fossil location: Rheine (Waldhügel)
Fossil location: Uffelner berg
Mineral location: Beckum
Museum: Geomuseum
Museum: Museum fur Naturkunde