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  Blue Beach Fossil Museum and Research Center
  Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada

See also Museum website: http://www.bluebeachfossilmuseum.com/

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The fossils of Blue Beach are placed within a period known as “Romer’s Gap”. After reviewing all of the existing evidence and research, Romer came to a distressing conclusion that there was a 20+ million year gap in the fossil record during the most important period when animals were evolving from fish to amphibians. The world class fossil collection found at Blue Beach is closing the Gap and 'new' fossil research is being published on this cutting-edge evidence!

There is a small home-based museum on location for viewing some of the amassed collection. In 2009, The Blue Beach Fossil Museum Society was formed and their mission is to secure the 5acre property at Blue Beach to build a 'new' uber cool Paleo-Centre at the site.

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