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Added in: january 2014
Last Modified in: january 2014

Location description:

In Khewra is a large underground salt mine where rock salt, or Halite is mined. In addition to industrial applications, the salt are also sold to collectors as Himalayan salt. Also, this salt is often used for so-called salt lamps. Often the rock salt in the mineral trade writes Lahore as the location of origin, because the salt is traded there. The correct reference this salt is usually Khewra.

The salt was
already discovered at this place in the time of Alexander the Great around 320 BC. Since then salt in the area has been mined. Currently, in a large-scale underground mine. The mine is also an attraction for tourists. You can visit the mine and there are exhibitions.

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Khewra is located at the foot of the Himalayas in the state of Punjab in northern Pakistan.

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Halite (rock salt).

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