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Added in: march 2013
Last Modified in: march 2013

Location description:

Near Iveland are several quarries where you can search for minerals after payment of a small fee.

In Steli quarry quartz and feldspar was mined. Various minerals
occur in the rock. The Pegmatite vein consists of Microcline, Quartz, and much Plagioclase and Muscovite / Biotite. Most interesting minerals are located near the mica.

In the
Slobrekka quarry Pegmatite is exposed. The quarry is known for its Gadolinite.

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Iveland is located in the south of Norway. The Steli quarry located southwest of Iveland. Slobrekka quarry is located northwest of Iveland.

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The Pegmatite rock is composed of Quartz, Plagioclase feldspar, Biotite and Muscovite. Furthermore Aeschynite, Allanite, Almadinite, Bertrandite, Beryl, Bismuthinite, Columbite, Euxenite, Gadolinite, magnetite, molybdenite, monazite, pyrite, Rutile, Garnet and Zircon has been found.

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Museum: Agder Naturmuseum

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