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  Pufels (Bulla)

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Added in: 09-2015
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Geology site description:

The Pufels (Bulla) section is a very special stratigraphic succession outcropping along the old road to the village of Pufels/Bulla. It displays in a spectacular fashion the transition from the marine Upper Permian Bellerophon Formation to the marine lowermost Triassic Werfen Formation. The Puffels section also exposes in great detail the famous Permian-Triassic boundary, the biggest mass-extinction in the history of Life

The old road is now a hiking trail. Since the summer of 2011 this path is officially known as the Bulla Geotrail, with nice information signs all along the section, with detailed information on the local geology and on the Permian-Triassic boundary in particular. The path is wide and easily accessible.

At Pufels you can see the transition from the Badiota Facies into the basal Werfen Formation. The Permian-Triassic boundary is identified within a peculiar limestone unit that forms the lower member of the Werfen Fm: the Tesero Oolite Horizon. This limestone marks a dramatic change in style of deposition in the Dolomites

At the Pufels section the lower 6 members of the Werfen Fm are exposed: the Tesero Oolite Horizon, the Mazzin Member, the Andraz Member, the Gastropod Oolite Member, the Siusi Member and the Campil Member. These members mark rapid facies changes from practically continental/coastal plain environments to open marine deeper ramp settings. 

In several of the members, some fossils can be found. For example in the Mazzin member, which comprises several survivor of pioneer taxa, including the bivalve Claraia clarai, the brachiopod Lingula and the gastropod Spirorbis


View from the Pufels section
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

Information panel at the Permo-Triassic boundary
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

Close-up of the Tesero Oolite Horizon at the Permo-Triassic boundary
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

The Permian-Triassic transition at Pufels
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

Information panels along the geotrail
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

The Pufels section
Added by: FossilDude on 07-09-2015

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The Pufels section is an old, abandoned stretch of road between the Strada Provinciale 64 and the village of Pufels/Bulla. This stretch of road is no longer used since the construction of a tunnel.

There are various ways to reach the path, for example by walking from the village of Pufels/Bulla in north-eastern direction, towards the tunnel. Just before the tunuuel you can take a path up, left of the road.


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