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Added in: january 2014
Last Modified in: january 2014

Geology site description:

The Škocjan cave system is a wonderful example of karst activity in this area. The term karst even comes from the local name for this area. More than six kilometers of caves have been discovered here in limestone from the Cretaceous and Paleogene periods. The volume of the cave is exceptionally large, and it looks like an underground canyon with heights up to 140 meters. The cave contains many stalactites and stlagmites.

The Reka river disappears
underground in the Veleka dolina, and flows into the cave. After 34 kilometers, the water reappeares at Monfalcone.

The caves are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The caves can be visited. See the Website.

Cave entrance
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The cave can be visited with a guide. Very impressive!
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Bridge over underground river.
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Entrance of the cave in a large sinkhole.
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Underground river exits to the surface.
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Information panel.
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Information panel.
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The Škocjan cave is located about 15 kilometers east of Trieste in western Slovenia.

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