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Added in: december 2013
Last Modified in: december 2013

Geology site description:

On the Estonian island of Saaremaa nine craters caused by meteorites occur near Kali. The largest crater is 110 meters in diameter contains a mall lake (Kaali Järv) and it is probably formed by a meteorite fragment of about 3 meters.

The meteorite is probably
disintegrated in the air into nine larger pieces that caused the nine craters that lie close together. The forest within six kilometers of the imopact was burned. The speed of the meteorite was estimated at 10 to 20 kilometers per second.

Researchers do
not yet agree aboutt the age of the craters. The results of studies vary between 400 and 1385 BC. The meteorite is of the type coarse octahedrite, a type of iron meteorite.

Geologically this kind of impact craters are not rare, but rarely they
do survive in the course of geological time. This crater is relatively very young of course, and showsthe powers of impacts on Earth. Large impacts can have significant implications for life on Earth. A big impact at the end of the Cretaceous period has probably caused the extinction of the dinosaurs (among others causes).

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Kaali is located on the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea to the west to Estonia. Kaali is located in central Saaremaa about 20 kilometers northeast of Kuressaare. The craters are located around the town. In Kaali is a visitor centre.

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