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  WY Red Gulch

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Added in: december 2013
Last Modified in: december 2013

Geology site description:

At Red Gulch approximately 125 dinosaur tracks can be seen with some 1,000 individual footsteps. The tracks are from the Middle Jurassic period and most are made ​​by carnivorous dinosaurs (Theropods) who walked on two legs. The exact species are not known. The tracks are roughly 167 million years old and were created along a former ocean coastline. The limestone with the tracks has been tilted by the influence of tectonic forces in the geological past.

The site is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. See also the Website.

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Red Gulch is located about 12 kilometers south-east of Greybull in northern Wyoming. The site can be reached best using the byway from the north.

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