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Added in: november 2013
Last Modified in: november 2013

Geology site description:

In the Teutoburger Wald area, near the village of Barkhausen, there is a small old quarry which is now no longer in use. In 1921 dinosaur tracks were found in this quarry in a tilted  layer from the Kimmeridgian, Upper Jurassic period (about 140 million years old).

There are multiple tracks of two different species of dinosaurs, traces of about 50 centimeters wide, round imprints of a sauropod and 40-50 cm large three-toed prints of a theropod. The scientific name of the great 'round' footprints is Elephantopoides barkhausensis, the footprints of theropod are called Megalosauropus teutonicus. It is not known what kind of sauropod
made the Elephantopoides tracks.  Based on the size and distance of the prints it is estimated that it was a 10 to 15 meter sauropod.

The layer with footprints in Barkhausen has been
exposed for 70 years to wind and weather before this particular geological location they declared a monument in 1976. This provided the necessary protection in order to preservethe tracks for future generations. The underlying unstable layer has been reinforced and the surface is impregnated with a synthetic resin. Above the wall is a glass roof was placed to protect the tracks.

For more information, see the Dutch article in GEA volume 29 , No. 2, p. 49-80 . (June 1996).

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The wall with footprints is located near the village of Barkhausen, near Bad Essen, and is accessible from the L83 (the Huntetalstrasse) between Buer and Rabber. From Melle it is about 4.5 kilometers to the 'Wanderparkplatz' parking, just before the village of Barkhausen. (Note: Near Beur is another Barkhausen) There are many parkings along this road, but the right one you cannot miss because of the many signs 'Saurierspuren'.

It is a short walk from the road. Follow the sign 'Saurierspuren' across the road, up a mountain. Front left you will pass a large model of a dinosaur and after 100m you will arrive in the old quarry, with a steep rock face with a glass roof over it. In the wall are many footprints of dinosaurs.

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