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  HI Kīlauea

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Added in: december 2012
Last Modified in: december 2012

Geology site description:

Very possibly the most active volcano in the world. Kilauea is a shield volcano in the southern part of the island of Hawaii. The island consists of several large shield volcanoes where the Mauna Loa is the largest with 4169 meters. Kilauea is relatively low with 1247 meters high and an estimated 300,000 to 600,000 years old.

The volcano has been more or less continuously active since 1983. The eruptions are not explosive and the
lava is viscous. The eruptions are often relatively harmless. The cause of the volcanoes in Hawaii is the presence of a hotspot in the Earths mantle.

Kilauea has been declared a protected area. There is a visitor center on site.

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Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kilauea is located at the island of Hawaii, the southernmost island of the archipelago.

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