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  The Netherlands

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Added in: december 2012
Last Modified in: december 2012

Geology site description:

The Hondsrug in a long low hill in the landscape and rises to 20 meters from the surrounding landscapeThe hill occurs in the area from Groningen to Emmen and is north-north-west-soutyh-south-east oriented. West of the Hondsrug are three more parallel ridges that are less recognizable in the landscape. The Tynaarlorug , Rolderrug and Zeijenrug. The Hondsrug is bordered to the east by the Hunze valley.

The Hondsrug consists of boulder clay from the Saalian glaciation. The theory is that within the ice sheet in the Hondsrug area, a fast "flow" of iceshaped the
already present boulder clay into ridges (called megaflutes).

In the warm period after the Saalian glaciation the Hunze valley much
fluvial deposits were deposites. In the subsequent Weichsel ice age, a layer of eolian sand was deposited by the wind on top of the older boulder clay.

The boulder clay in Hondsrug contains many boulders. In the greater part of the Hondsrug the limestone boulders were dissoluted by acids in the groundwater. Between Haren and Groningen limestone boulders
still occur. The limestone boulders contain many fossils See the fossil location description of this site.

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The Hondsrug is located between Groningen and Emmen in the north of The Netherlands. One of the best places to view the Hondsrug topography is Gieten and Gasselte.

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