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Added in: december 2012
Last Modified in: december 2012

Geology site description:

The Grebbeberg hill is located in Rhenen. The Grebbeberg is a moraine from the Saalian ice age, about 150,000 years ago. It is in the south-east part of the Utrecht Ridge. A large amount of material was pushed in front of the land ice. After reaching this area, the ice retreated, leaving the moraines which can still be seen in the landscape. Grebbeberg is about 50 meters high. From Grebbeberg have stunning views over the river plain of the Rhine river.

The Grebbeberg, as seen from the Blauwe Kamer
Added by: FossilDude on 10-10-2017

The view from the Grebbeberg
Added by: FossilDude on 10-10-2017

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The Grebbeberg is located between Rhenen and Wageningen in the centre of The Netherlands and is accessible by many footpaths.

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