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Added in: december 2012
Last Modified in: december 2012

Geology site description:

Between the Belgian border and Steenbergen a 30 kilometer long ridge can be seen in the landscape. The ridge is up to 15 meters high, and is best seen in Hoogerheide. Also at Woensdrecht and Ossendrecht the steep edge is clearly visibleThe ridge is also called Brabantse Wal.

The steep edge is probably caused by erosion of the river Scheldt, but tectonics may also have played a role. The area east of the ridge consists of fluvial deposits from the Pleistocene, covered with eolian sand. West of the ridge clay from the Holocene is present at the surface.

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The Brabant se Wal ridge is located in the west of the province of Brabant in the south of The Netherlands between the Belgian border and Steenbergen.

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