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Sea Urchin Toxaster sp. small
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  Sussex coast
  Great Britain

april 2003
Last Modified:
may 2009

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Location description

In Sussex there are several collecting locations at the coast. Sediments from the Cretaceous period are exposed here.

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The Seven Sisters.
Added by: webmaster on 22-03-2012

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A few locations at the coast which are easy accessible:

  • Fairlight From Fairlight walk west along the beach. In a pebble layer (conglomerate) you can find bones, fish teeth, and shark teeth. In a grey claylayer on the beach you can find remains of dinosaurs, crocodiles and turtles. Footprints of Iguanodon have been found here.
  • Seven Sisters The beach is accessible from Birling Gap (from road A259) and south of the Seven Sisters park by staircase. You can find sea urchins, bivalves and brachiopods.
  • Hastings At the east of Hastings the cliff is accessible. Park at 'Rock-A-Nore'. Between the rocks on the beach you can find dinosaurbones. These come from a grey claylayer. In the cliff itself you can find gastropods and bivalves. In a specific layer at beachlevel you can find remains of plants, including ferns, insects, fishes, shark, turtle and snakes.
  • Eastbourne The Eastbourne cliff is accessible from the parking at Holeywell. Several paths lead to the beach. In the white limestones you can find ammonites, sea urchins, shark teeth, corals, and sponges.
  • Bracklesham bay The bay is located between West-Witterings en Selsey south of Chichester. You can find fossils from the Lutetian, Eocene, Paleogene period. The fossils come from eroding clay layers under the seawater.
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Various fossils from the Cretaceous period like ammonites, bivalves, brachiopods and sea urchins. Also fish remains, shark remains, dinosaurs and other reptiles can be found here.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Smith, 1983: Fossils of the Chalk, 2nd edition
    ISBN0901702781, Zeer geschikt voor fossielen van de Engelse zuidkust en de Franse noordkust.
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