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  Kent coast
  Great Britain

june 2003
Last Modified:
july 2011

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Location description

In Kent there are several collecting locating at the coast. Limestones from the Cretaceous period are exposed here.

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The white coastal cliffs at Dover.
Added by: webmaster on 16-03-2012

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The following coastal cliffs are good fossil collection locations::

  • Folkestone
    Park at the (paid) parking at Folkestone harbour. From there walk on the beach. In the grey Gault clay you can find many ammonites and bivalves. In the green sandstonelayer you can find large ammonites. This location is comparable to the Boulonnais coast in France. The Gault Clay formation is exposed at Copt Point. Watch out for the tides! The tide sometimes reaches to the cliffs!
  • Dover
    At Dover there are the famous white limestone cliffs. The limestone comes from the upper Cretaceous period. The cliffs are at both sides of the harbour of Dover. At the eastern side the beach is accessible. From the top of the cliff in the natural area, stairs lead down to the beach. You can best collect fossils at the scree slopes and on the beach. You can find sea urchins, sea urchin spines, various bivalves, etc. I have found a 2 centimetre fish tooth here.
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Various fossils from the Cretaceous period.

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Literature recommended by members

  • J.R.Young, A.S. Gale, R.I. Knight, & A.B. Smith, 2010: Fossils of the Gault Clay
    ISBN1444335421, Field guide to fossils no. 12 van de Palaeontology Asscociation. Een uitgebreid naslagwerk over alle soorten fossielen uit de Gault Clay.
    Added by KoenJ
  • Smith, 1983: Fossils of the Chalk, 2nd edition
    ISBN0901702781, Zeer geschikt voor fossielen van de Engelse zuidkust en de Franse noordkust.
    Added by webmaster

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