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november 2018
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november 2018

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Location description

In Ipolytarnóc, also known as a "Prehistoric Pompeii", 17-23 million year old fossils are preserved.

Amongst the fossils that can be found at this locality are the teeth of 24 different species of sharks, as well as crocodile and dolphin teeth, a nearly 100 meter tall pine tree, more than 15 thousand exotic, subtropical leaves and over 3 thousand fossil foot prints, made by at least 11 different species. This site is one of the worlds richest fossil foot print localities. As can be deduced from the reference to Pompeii, the majority of these fossils are preserved by a large volcanic catastrophe, burying an entire subtropical jungle under volcanic ash. The Ipolytarnóc locality is a protected site since the year 1944, and is managed by the national park Bükk. It is an area well-worth visiting, both for the fossils as well as for the interesting geological landscape. In the year 2010, this site became the worlds second cross-border Geopark: Novohrad-Nógrád.

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Ipolytarnoc Fossils Nature Conservation Area can be accessed via the visitor centre, close to the village of Ipolytarnoc. The address is: Ipolytarnóc, Külterület 039 hrsz., 3138

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Foot prints, fossil leaves and much more, dating from the Aquitanian en Burdigalian (Miocene).

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