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Sediment: Volcanic ash Eifel Germany
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  St. -Maime

october 2018
Last Modified:
october 2018

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Location description

In the past, fossiliferous layers from the Oligocene (Rupelian, Stampian) were outcroping near the village of Saint-Maime, between the towns of Forcalquier and Manosque. In these layers, fossil leaves could be found.

In the Oligocene, there was a large lake in this region, in which brown coal, limestone and marl layers were deposited. The layers exposed aroun Saint-Maime can be stratigraphically correlated to the deposits exposed near Céreste, in which many fossil fish have been found. 

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Saint-Maime is situated between the towns of Manosque and Forcalquier. The outcrops in the area mainly consist of road cuts and temporary outcrops such as building sites. 

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In the marls in the area of Manosque and Bois d'Asson, fossil leaves can be found. Occasionally, also fossil fish and insects could be found. 

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Literature recommended by members

  • Steur, H., 1993: Oligocene planten uit het Bekken van Manosque (Zuid Frankrijk): een mooie maar problematische afdrukflora
    GEA, vol. 26, nr. 4, pag. 104-144.
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