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  The Netherlands

may 2018
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may 2018

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Location description

The beach section Onrustpolder on Noord-Beveland, also known as ‘De Banjaard’, is known as a good site for early Holocene and Pleistocene fossil shells.

Similar to the beach of Domburg, to the southwest of the Banjaard beach (see the locality ‘Walcheren’), fossil material eroded from the Oostgeul channel  is transported northward along the coast, washing ashore on the Banjaard beach. Also material eroded from the, locally more than 20 meters deep, Southern Roompot channel, North of Walcheren, washes ashore on the Banjaard beach.

Besides this natural supply of fossils, in the fall of 2008 also sand supplementations were carried out, to reinforce the coastline. The sand used for these supplementations was derived from the Roompot Hompels, a series of shoals in the mouth of the Oosterschelde, approximately 2 km form the Banjaard beach. The supplied sand comprised predominantly Holocene shells, but also Pleistocene and Pliocene shells. Also bones and molars of Pleistocene mammals have been found, amongst others steppe bison, horse, aurochs, and whooly rhino. 

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shells on the Banjaard beach
Added by: FossilDude on 01-07-2018

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The Banjaard beach is situated North of the N57. There is a large paid parking site near the beach.

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Predominantly (early-) Holocene shells, but also Pleistocene and Pliocene shells. The most abundant fossil species is Cerastoderma edule, including the characteristic, very large form Cerastoderma edule forma major. Also bones and molars of Pleistocene mammals have been found.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Moerdijk et al., 2010: De fossiele schelpen van de Nederlandse kust
    NCB Naturalis, ISBN 978-90-5011-342-7
    Added by FossilDude
  • Raven, H., 2019: Het klein drijfhorentje Rissoa parva (da Costa, 1778) van het Banjaardstrand
    Afzettingen WTKG 40 (2), p. 50-53
    Added by FossilDude
  • Wetsteyn, B., 2008: Verslag van de WTKG/WG excursie naar de Onrustpolder op 1 november 2008
    Afzettingen 29 (4). 87-91
    Added by FossilDude

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Added by Johan Vellekoop

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