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may 2018
Last Modified:
may 2018

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This location is closed or not accessible anymore !!!

Location description

East of Nederokkerzeel, a hamlet close to Kampenhout , was the sand pit of Imbrechts. In this sand pit, both the Brussel Sand Formation and the Lede Sand Formation were exposed in the 1990s.

The middle and upper parts of the Brussel Sand Formation, as well as the Lede Sand Formation, were very rich in fossils, amongst others with bivalves, gastropods, and shark teeth. The upper part of the Brussel Sand Formation consists of a channel fill, with with alternating layers of shelly sand and less fossiliferous sand. The fossiliferous layer at the base of the channel contains the highest fossil concentration: transported gastropod and bivalve shells, elasmobranch teeth and concretions formed around larger fossils.

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The sand pit of Nederokkerzeel, which is nowadays closed, was situated West of the town.

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The sandpit was renowned for the aggregates of white schells in glauconitic sand, and for the shark and ray teeth that could be found there.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Glibert, M., 1985: Les bivalves et gastéropodes du Bruxellien Inférieur de la Belgique (Eocène moyen)
    Annls Soc. r. zool. Belg. - T. 115
    Added by FossilDude
  • Mollen, F., 2008: A new Middle Eocene species of Premontreia (Elasmobranchii, Scyliorhinidae) from Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
    GEOLOGICA BELGICA 11: 123-131
    Added by FossilDude

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