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  CA Mussel Rock Beach

february 2018
Last Modified:
february 2018

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Location description

Mussel Rock Beach is a beach near Pacifica, where fossils was on the beach from the coastal cliffs. This locality is only accessible during low tide. Consult the online tide tables for San Francisco Golden GAte and look for tides with a negative sign. About 1.5 kilometers of the beach regularly comprise fossils. The most abundant fossils are molluscs and echinoids, washing out of the quarternary layers in the cliffs. 

Mussel Rock Beach can best be visited afer heavy rainfall. During heavy rainfall, landslides and streams bring new fossils to the beach. Be carefull for falling rocks! The cliffs can be very unstable. Even several buildings have recently ended up down on the beach. Hammering in the rocks is not appreciated by the locals, so please do not do this. Also jade, jasper and serpentine can be found on Mussel Rock Beach.

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Mussel Rock Beach
Added by: courthouse68 on 20-02-2018

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Follow Highway 280 from San Francisco southbound. In Dali City, take the exit to Highway 1, in the direction of Pacifica. Once you are over the hill, the ocean comes into view. The first exit in Pacifica gives access to Mussel Rock Beach. There is plenty of parking space. From the parking, go through the gate and follow the path down to the beach..

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Bivalves (doublets up to 10 cm), echinoids (sand dollars) in mudstone and gastropods (Turritella and slipper shells). 

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Museum: Berkeley Museum of Paleontology


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