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  The Netherlands

january 2018
Last Modified:
january 2018

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Location description

At the little beaches of the IJmeer, shell material washes ashore between the trees and rocks among which fossil shells and mammal bone material can be found. The sites are situated between the towns of Diemen and Muiderberg. 

This material is presumably derived from the Kreftenheye and Boxtel Formations, comprised of eolian and fluvial sand and gravel from the Eemian, Weichselian (Late Pleistocene) and Early-Holocene (approximately 120.000 to 10.000 years ago), and from the Naaldwijk Formation, comprised of marine sands and clays from Early-Holoceen (less than 10.000 years ago). Both formations occur relatively close below the bottom of the IJmeer.

Also the early Holocene fluvial Echteld Formation occurs locally in the subsurface. 

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Drive from the town of Muiden to the IJmeer, but not via the Muiderslot, but over the Amsterdamse stelling (the eastern side), through the polder. You can park your car where the polder road reaches the dyke. Walk over the dyke and you will see a narrow shelly beach, which streches from the town of Diemen to the town of Huizen. Only limited parking space are available, often there are no more than 3 places. 

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Plenty of bone fragmens, both large and small, including molars and cuspids of boars. In autumn most storms pass over the IJmeer, so especially in winter time material washes ashore. Most of the material probably has an (early?) Holocene age. 

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