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  Hohenmirsberger Plattefindet

december 2017
Last Modified:
december 2017

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Location description

The Hohenmirsberger Plattefindet is located approximately 5 km from the town of Pottenstein, in the Frankische Schweiz (Northern Bavaria). At this locality, fossils from the so-called 'white Jurassic', i.e. the Malm, can be found.

Directly below the lookout tower on the Hohenmirsberger Platte, there is a site where fossils can be collected during the summer months. The rocks in which you can look for fossils come from the neighbouring quarry. Materials like rock hammers and chisels can be rented at the site. This site is very child-friendly. 

In the summer of 2017, this site was closed. According to the manager of the site, this was because the quarry supplying the material was not working in the right layer. Therefore, the quarry could not supply fossil-rich material. 

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From the town of Pottenstein, take the Bayreuther Berg northbound. At the end of the street, go right and, immediately after that, left agian, onto the st2163. After 3.8 km on this road, you reach the Hohenmirsberger Platte. This is a 10 minutes drive from Pottenstein.

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Predominantly ammonites.

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