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  The Netherlands

september 2017
Last Modified:
september 2017

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Location description

Just in front of the western coast of Walcheren lies the narrow, elongated sand bank named the 'Little Bank of Zoutelande ("het Bankje van Zoutelande" in Dutch). At the top of this sand bank, the package of Holocene deposits are locally very thin (less than 1 meter), resulting in the erosion of fossil material from the underlying Pleistocene strata. The fossils predominantly originate from the late Pleistocene Eem Formation and early Pleistocen Maassluis Formation. The Maassluis Formation is correlated with the Westkapelle Ground Formation in the North Sea. As some places, also material form the underlying late Pliocene Oosterhout Formation is eroded. This fromation is correlated to the Brielle Ground Formation in the North Sea. In the, locally more than 20 meters deep channel between the Bank of Zoutelande and the western coast of Walcheren, the so-called 'Oostgat', these deposits are also eroded. Together, this natural erosion from the 'Little Bank of Zoutelande' and the 'Oostgat' causes Early Holocene and Pleistocene fossil shells to wash ashore along the western coast of Walcheren. Because of the predominantly Northern currents along the Dutch coast, this erosion in the 'Oostgat' mostly resulted in fossil material on the beaches between Westkappelle and Domburg.

Besides this, from the early 2000s onwards, sand supplementations along the coast of Walcheren have also been providing Pliocene, Pleistocene and early Holocene shell material. The sands for the sand supplementations predominantly originates from a series of sand banks called 'de Steenbanken', about 10-15 kilometers from the coast. The sand supplementations from 'de Steenbanken' has delivered a very typical red-brown colored mollusk assemblage. 

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Some finds from the Nolle Beach near Vlissingen (16/9/2017).
Added by: FossilDude on 20-09-2017

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Because of the northerly currents along the Oostgeul and the Little Bank of Zoutelande, the strip of coast between Domburg and Westkapelle has been receiving a natural supply of fossil material. The beach of Domburg is therefore historically kwown as good location for late Pliocene, early Pleistocene and late Pleistocene fossil shells.

Yet, as a consequence of the sand supplementations in the last 15 years, fossil material can nowadays be found all along the western coast of Walcheren, from Vlissingen up to, and beyond, Domburg. 

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Predominantly early Holocene and Pleistocene shell material, but occasionally also Pliocene species

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Literature recommended by members

  • Bosselaers, M., Collareta, A., 2016: The whale barnacle Cryptolepas rhachianecti (Cirripedia: Coronulidae), a phoront of the grey whale Eschrichtius robustus (Cetacea: Eschrichtiidae), from a sandy beach in the Netherlands
    Zootaxa 4154, Issue 3, Pages 331-338. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4154.3.8
    Added by FossilDude
  • Moerdijk, P.W., et al., 2010: De fossiele schelpen van de Nederlandse kust
    NCB Naturalis
    Added by FossilDude

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added by Johan Vellekoop

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