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  Herne Bay
  Great Britain

september 2017
Last Modified:
september 2017

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Location description

The beaches of Herne Bay are a popular site to collect Paleocene and Eocene shark teeth. In the east, towards Reculver, the Thanet Formation is sometimes exposed on the beach. In this formation, particularly bivalves and gastropods can be collected. The uppermost Paleocene Upnor Formation is exposed at beach level along most of the bay. In particular the so-called 'Beltinge Fish Bed' of this formation is rich in fossil shark teeth. At the western side of the bay, the Oldhaven Beds of the earliest Eocene (early Ypresian) Harwich Formation are exposed. These bads are recognizable by the pebble beds at their base. At the extreme western end of the bay, the basal part of the Eocene (Ypresian) Londen Clay Formation is also exposed. 

For a detailed description of this site, see: https://ukfossils.co.uk/2012/01/24/herne-bay/

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The Herne Bay site is to the West of the town of Hern Bay, behind the dunes of "The Downs", near the suburb of Beltinge. On the eastern side is a car park. From there you can take a foothpath to the beach. The best area to collect is to the east, just before the cockle beds.

The fossil hunting is most ideal during extremely low tides, which occur at the time of the two lowest spring tides of the year. However, fossils can generally be found during any low tide, washed up on the foreshore or within the shingle. 

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Predominantly shark teeth, but also many other types fo fossils

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Literature recommended by members

  • Hessel, R., 2019: Thanetian mollusken uit Herne Bay
    Afzettingen WTKG 40 (2), 42-49
    Added by FossilDude

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