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august 2017
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august 2017

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 Zie ook Geologisch excursiepunt Estepona

Location description

In the area of Estepona there are several localities with Pliocene material. Estepona is situated in square 1072 of the geological map of Spain.

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Added by: scherven on 02-09-2017

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Two localites where you can find many fossils are Parque Antena and Calle de los Corales. 

  • Parque Antena is situated at approximately 80-100 meters above sea leve. Here many microfossils can be found. Along the N340 between Malaga and Gibraltar, at the crossing of the river Guadalmansa, there is a large plant nursery. From here you have to drive up the hillside untill the terrain flattens out again. Here, at the surface, Pliocene fossils can be found. 

  • At the Calle de los Corales (at the Lidle supermarket) there is a terrain with legdes in which Pliocene material can be collected. These outcrops date from the Zanclien (Early Pliocene) to Piacenzien (Middle Pliocene). As the name of this street already indicates, many corals can be found here, next to the abundant foraminifera and fish teeth.

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For those who are interested in microfossils, this is a very nice locality. Also gastropods and corals, amongst others, can be found here. 

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Other locations in the area

Geology location: Estopna
Museum: Museo Paleontologico Estepona


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