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june 2017
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june 2017

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Location description

Close to the town of Muldefingen is an outcrop of Lower Jurassic deposits. This locality is rich in fossils, especially bivalves. Ammonites can also been found here. 

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The GPS coordinates of this locality 47.8546, 8.4508. Drive from Muldelfingen along the Wutachstrasse (L171) from the town in the direction of Ewattingen. After about 500 meters from the egde of town, take the first (paved) road to the left. On the bifurcation, go to the right, in the directioni of the edge of the forest. Park at a safe spot at the side of the road, about 500 meters to the northeast (so you are not obstructing the farmers). The outcrop is at the edge of the forst and drops down quite steeply. Look for washed out rocks under the trees. The outcrop is partly overgrown. 

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At this locality you can predominantly find bivalves, including large specimens (up to 45 cm). Also ammonites can be found. There are many bivalves, often packed together. The lithology is very hard, so bring a chisel and hamer. The deposits of this outcrop date from the Jurassic (alfa three).

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