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january 2017
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january 2017

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Location description

In the old quarries of Vaux-Varennes, a village near Reims, lower Lutetian (Eocene) fossils could be found. These days, the quarries have almost completely been converted to landfills, but here and there some fossils can still be found. These deposits are part of the Paris Basin

In the lowest part of the quarries, the Yperian Sands of Glennes were exposed. These sands mostly comprise smaller gastropods. The most interesting levels are, however, the overlying lower Lutetian deposits. The lower Lutetian transgressive deposits consists of very coarse, glauconitic, quartz sand and gravel. These deposits are located at the edge of the Paris Basin, and therefore represent a very shallow marine environment. 

These glauconitic sands are very rich in gastropods and bivalves, predominantly Turritella terebellata/imbricataria and Venericardia planicosta. In the sandstone layes, one can also find echinoids, especially on the transition between the sandstone and sands. By braking the plates in the direction of the layering, sometimes you can find shark teeth as well.

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The old quarry is situated on the D30 between Hermonville and Bouvancourt. Apparently, one can still collect fossils here and there behind the dump. 

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The fauna of Vaux-Varennes is characteristic for the Lutetian of the Paris Basin, but much less divers than the middle Lutetian deposits of, for example, Fleury-la-Rivière.

The most common fossils are:

ForaminiferaNummulites laevigatus

BivalvesMesomiltha bellona (interne afdrukken), Cubitostrea sp., Vepricardium granulosum en Venericardia planicosta.

Gastropodes: Sigmesalia intermedia, Leptoconus deperditus, Ancilla sp.Turritella terebellata en Turritella carinifera.

Echinoids: Echinolampas calvimontanaRhyncholampas sp.

Shark teeth: Striatolamia macrota (rare.

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