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Location description

On the east side of the river Isábena, between the villages of Serraduy and Roda de Isábena, a rich invertebrate macrofauna can be found in the Eocene deposits of the Roda Formation. The Early Eocene Roda Formation is part of the siliciclastic fill of the Tremp-Graus Basin. The fossil found that can be found at this locality is therefore similar to that in the Eocene deposits in the area around the fossil locality Tremp.

The Roda Formation crops out along the northeastern margin of the Tremp-Graus Basin. This formation was deposited on a shallow shelf on the lower fan-delta plain and is topped by the Morillo Limestone Formation. The Roda Formation is divided in two members, the lower Roda Sandstone Member and the upper Esdolomada Member. The nannoplankton and benthic foraminiferal species of the Roda Formation are indicative of a Late Ypresian (Middle Ilerdian to Middle Cuisian) age.

The Roda Sandstone Member is characterized by a number of vertically stacked sandstone bodies (Roda 1 to 4), interbedded with silty marls and thin limestone beds, which were deposited as depositional lobes in the fan delta. 

The Esdolomada Member is characterized by a thick lobate sandstone body at the base overlain by a sequence of thin sandstone beds interbedded in mudstone, which are usually capped by a laterally continuous limestone bed. 

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The Roda Formation is outcropping east of the river Isábena, east of the village of La Puebla de Roda, approximately between La Puebla de Roda, Serraduy and San Esteban de Mall. At La Puebla de Roda you can cross the Rio Isábena, from where there is a road op the hill, with several paths to the oucrops. 

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Many fossils can be found in these deposits, ofter washed out of the marls, including (abundant) larger benthic foraminifera, bivalves and gastropods

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Literature recommended by members

  • A.W. Martinius, 1995: Macrofauna associations and formation of shell concentrations in the Early Eocene Roda Formation (southern Pyrenees, Spain)
    Scripta Geol., 108:1-39, 5 figs., 5 pls, Leiden, May 1995.
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