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  NC Green Mill Run

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Location description

Green Mill Run is a stream runs through the lower area of Greenville, North Carolina. At the bottom of the stream, weathered-out Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene fossils can be found. Gloves and waders are highly recommend (hip or chest, depending upon the level of the stream). A long handle shovel and a sieve that can float or is tied to a rope around your neck would help. Probe the bottom of the stream with your shovel and listen for the sound of hitting stones on the stream bottom. This is where the fossils will probably be. The fossils get caught up in the pebbles (if you are lucky). If you're an optimist bring a large container or bag to put your finds in. 

In the early 2000's there were some problems with the quality/hygiene of the water, but the town seemed to have cleaned it up since.

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There are several access points into the stream. The Tenth Street bridge was one location where you can enter at, just passed Elm Street (toward the east). There is also a park in the area, with plenty of bald Cyprus trees with plenty of parking. 

Make sure wherever you enter, that you check to see if you need permission to cross over any private property to enter the stream.

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Megalodons, Makos, Tigers, Sand Tigers, Modern Great Whites, Crow, Goblin Sharks, other sharks. Also Belemnites and Exogyra costata shells, as well as whale bones. Old glass bottles and pipe stems can also be found. You never know what will be in your screen.



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