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  NS Blue Beach

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Location description

The shale/mud/sandstone layers of the lowermost Carboniferous Horton Bluff Formation are located along the shoreline of the Avon River and the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. The fossil beds are revealed by the fastest and highest rising tides in the World - the Bay of Fundy.

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A 45 minutes drive from Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The adress is: Blue Beach Fossil Museum 127 Blue Beach Rd., Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0 Canada 


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The oldest collection of fossil bones and tracks of the first creatures to ever move from water on to land, the tetrapods - the earliest terrestrial land animals. Bones and tracks of the rhizodontid fish, paleoniscoid fish and acanthodis shark remains, early plant flora, scorpion and arthropod trails, horseshoe crabs, inorganic fossils and much more!


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Museum: Blue Beach Fossil Museum
Museum: Blue Beach Fossil Museum and Research Center


Thanks to Sonja E. Wood for sending in this description

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