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  Wrens Nest
  Great Britain

january 2014
Last Modified:
january 2014

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Location description

In the Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley numerous marine fossils can be found in limestone of the Coalbrookdale Formation and the Much Wenlock Formation. These formations are from the Wenlock, Silurian period. Colletion of loose fossils is permitted.

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Wrens Nest Nature Reserve is located north of the center of Dudley. Dudley is located northwest of Birmingham.

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Amongst others brachiopods, crinoids, trilobites, bryozoans, corals, gastropods and orthocones. More than 700 species are known from this location.

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Other locations in the area

Society: Black Country Geological Society: Dudley Museum and Art Gallery
Society: North Staffordshire Geological Association: Keele University


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